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Non-Historical Records

You can order certificates and printouts online from Births, Deaths and Marriages, if:

  • you have verified your RealMe account. Learn about verified accounts at
  • you belong to an organisation approved by the Registrar-General.

Contact us for more information on how to register an organisational user.


Organisations / Businesses
Organisations / Businesses may apply to order certificates and printouts at Births, Deaths and Marriages Online. If your organisation wishes to apply complete the BDM Online Organisation Application Form.


First Time Users

Prove your identity with RealMe

If you have a verified RealMe account you can securely prove who you are, right now.

What’s RealMe?

The easy way to prove who you are online

RealMe is a new service from the New Zealand government and New Zealand Post that allows you to prove who you are when you're on the internet.

How do I get a RealMe verified account?

To get a verified RealMe account you need to follow a simple online process, then visit your local PostShop in person, so your online identity can be linked to you.

What's so good about being verified?

Once your RealMe account is verified, you'll be able to do lots of useful things online – like getting a passport or applying for a loan – without ever needing to visit a branch again! You can then use your verified RealMe account to securely prove who you are online.

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