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Using RealMe

  1. What is a verified RealMe account?
    A verified RealMe account includes your identity and address information that has been officially verified. Once you’re verified you can use RealMe to share your official identity and address information online with participating organisations.

  2. How do I get a verified RealMe account?
    To verify your account you will need to apply to have your identity officially verified. Once that’s done, you can choose to verify your address with RealMe. To apply to verify your identity, you’ll need to apply online and then get your photograph taken at a participating PostShop. Visit for more information on how to apply.

  3. I want to purchase non-historic certificates and printouts online as an individual. How do I do this?
    You can use your verified RealMe account to order certificates and printouts online. Visit to learn how to verify your RealMe account.

  4. What kind of user am I?
    • If you have never used this website before, you will need to prove your identity the first time you access the site. Click on the Share your details with BDM button in the First Time Users box.
    • If you have used this website before and have already proved your identity, click on the Login button in the Returning User box.
    • If you are ordering on behalf of an approved organisation and this has been confirmed by the Registrar-General, click on the Login button in the Organisational User box.

  5. What has happened to my igovt ID?
    If you have an igovt ID, you’ve already got your identity verified with RealMe. When you login to your RealMe account for the first time, you’ll need to agree to RealMe linking your igovt ID to your RealMe account. Then you’ll have a verified RealMe account ready to go.

  6. Why do I have to login to order non-historical products and not for ordering historical products?
    If the record is non-historical a Registrar needs to be satisfied as to your identity. Your name will be recorded in the access register, for any records you request, (excluding deaths). For some records we also need to check that you are able to be issued a certificate or printout from that record e.g. if a non-disclosure direction is in place.

    Legislation defines historical information and also states that the requirement for the applicant to provide evidence of their identity generally does not apply when ordering historical records.

  7. I represent an organisation that regularly purchases certificates or printouts - how can we access the website?
    Contact Births, Deaths & Marriages and we can email you an application form.

  8. How long do I have access to the non-historic website for?
    If you are an individual user you will need to share your identity using RealMe every two years.

Ordering products

  1. Why can’t I search for a record like on the BDM Historical Records website?
    Non-historical records can not be searched online because legislation requires a certain level of protection for people who may still be living.

  2. What is the minimum amount of information required to complete an order?
    To enable us to locate the record you want, we need you to provide:
    • the full name of the person (both parties for a marriage or civil union) and
    • the date and place of the event.
    All of this information must be provided so that we can endeavour to locate the correct record for you. Or, if available you can provide:
    • The folio number for a record along with the full name of the subject.

  3. How can I provide additional information about my order?
    The online application form allows for you to provide extra limited information to us in a Notes field.

  4. What does non-historical records mean?
    • Births that occurred less than 100 years ago.
    • Stillbirths that occurred less than 50 years ago.
    • Marriages and Civil Unions that occurred less than 80 years ago.
    • Deaths that occurred less than 50 years ago or the deceased's date of birth is less than 80 years ago.
  5. Can I find out any information I require without ordering a certificate / printout?
    No - Births, Deaths and Marriages is only able to provide you with registered information as a printout or certificate.

  6. Can I order products from both sections of the website (i.e. non-historical and historical)?
    Yes - you can order both historical and non-historical certificates and printouts from both sections of the website but you must have an igovt logon to order non-historical products.
    Orders from each will be despatched separately so you are likely to receive them at different times.

  7. Can I add products to my order once I have submitted it?
    No - if you wish to order another certificate or printout then you will need to make a new request.

  8. Does the Birth Certificate plus Decorative Certificate pack need to be for the same birth?
    Yes - when ordering a Birth Certificate plus Decorative Certificate pack, it must be for the same person.

  9. I have a complaint / compliment about the website.
    If you have a query, complaint or compliment about this website please Contact us.

  10. Can I order other birth, death and marriage products?
    No - you may only order certificates and printouts using the online services. Other birth, death and marriage products may be ordered though the usual channels – information about this is available at the Births, Deaths and Marriages website.

Can you email me the record I want?

  • Yes, if you provide your email address in your delivery details we will email your printouts to you. The processing time remains the same. Certificates will continue to be sent by mail.

Payments and refunds

  1. How can I get beyond the Proceed to Payment on the Order confirmation page of the website?
    The problem may be due to the browser you are using, e.g. If you are using IE10 try the following:
    1. Press F12
    2. Select IE10 Compatibility mode from the toolbar this is displayed
    3. Press F12 to make the toolbar disappear
    This will put IE10 into a mode that is backward compatible, this means it will work with websites that were written for earlier versions of Internet Explorer.

  2. I don’t have a credit card – Can I use this service?
    No - you can only order certificates and printouts online if you have a MasterCard, Visa credit/debit card, Prezzy Card or American Express.

  3. Is the payment system secure?
    Yes - as shown by the (s) in https in the web address.
    Births, Deaths and Marriages uses Direct Payment Solutions ('DPS') Payment Express to process your credit/debit card payment. For more information on DPS security see the Payment Express website.

  4. Can I get a refund?
    If we are unable to locate the non-historical record you want then we will deduct the cost of searching for the record and either:
    • refund the balance of your payment or
    • hold it for further requests.
    If you are not eligible to get the record all of the cost is available for refund or to purchase another product.

  5. I’ve ordered the wrong product. Can I swap / cancel it?
    Only orders made through the non-historical record website that have not already been processed can be changed, so it will depend on the status of your order. Please contact us and provide the reference number of your order.

  6. I am from an organisation. Can I pay by direct debit?
    YesYes, however each order must include a product from the non-historical website as the direct debit option is only available there. Orders from the historical website only can be paid for by MasterCard, Visa credit/debit card, Prezzy Card or American Express.

Waiting for my order to arrive

  1. How long will it take to receive my order?
    Our processing time can be up to eight working days and you also need to allow time for delivery.

  2. My certificate hasn’t turned up, what do I do?
    If you have not received a certificate or printout that was ordered online, you need to allow sufficient time for processing and delivery, before contacting us.
    If ordered within New Zealand - three weeks from the date you ordered it.
    If ordered from outside New Zealand - four weeks from the date you ordered it.

    When contacting us please supply the following details:
    • State that the certificate or printout has not been received;
    • Confirm the original delivery details;
    • Provide an alternative address for us to post the replacement certificate to (if a replacement is issued);
    • Include our reference number (if known) or the reference number from your receipt.

  3. Can I get my order processed urgently?
    No - Births, Deaths and Marriages do not have an urgent service. Certificates and printouts are processed as per the date we receive the orders.

  4. I’ve received some of my order product – but where is the rest of my order?
    If you order a certificate and a printout together, these will be sent separately, as different processes are involved to produce certificates and printouts:

    Applications for a Certificate
    • Prior to 01 January 1998: An event registered prior to January 1998 will be processed within eight working days of confirmation of a correct and completed application, plus postage time.
    • On or after 01 January 1998: An event registered on or after 1 January 1998 will be processed within one working day of confirmation of a correct and completed application (or after the associated registration has been completed), plus postage time.

    Applications for a Printout
    Will be processed within eight working days of confirmation of a completed application.

    If you order products from both the non-historical and historical sections of the website, the orders from each will be sent to you separately.

  5. Is there a courier option?
    Yes - there is for delivery within New Zealand. However there is no international courier option for online orders.

  6. A friend did my order for me – how do I find out the status of my order?
    We are unable to discuss an order with any other person other than the person who shows on our system as having made that order. Please have that person contact us.

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